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Quick thought on targeting

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how I market the services of Firejuice. We've been clear about who we want to help, namely business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO's of medium-sized companies, but not which service we want them to take note of! It's made me realise that for marketing to be effective, it requires a target market and a target product. That single offering gives you the highest chance of becoming part of the customer's life. Target market = that group of customers within the broader market where you have the greatest chance of success. Target product = that one offering amongst everything you sell gives you the greatest chance of an initial sale. Once you've made the initial sale, you are in bed with the customer and the game changes. To achieve this initial sale requires focus, not only on who you want to sell to but also on what you want to sell.  Reading marketing theory, one is always reminded of the 4P's of marketing: Produc