What I'm up to 


  • Always updating the Firejuice business model - I like the clarity of our homepage.
  • Added a new long-term case study giving a taste of the work we're doing for PRIMA.
  • Working with Moshoeu on a solid pipeline of enquiries needing help with "doing better marketing" (we're selective in who we work with 😊).


  • Taming my garden - we recently moved into a new house with a garden that suffers from years of neglect!
  • I'm starting a new newsletter where I will mostly share my blog posts with learnings and thoughts as I work with entrepreneurs and companies on growth-related projects. 


  • Started reading Jawbreaker,  a book about the first CIA covert operations in Afghanistan after 9/11. 
  • Finishing this excellent book about sales prospecting - it's filled with practical advice from someone who has been doing it for years. 
  • Making my way through On Writing Well - a must-read for anyone interested in writing better non-fiction. 
  • Almost done with A Field Guide to Channel Strategy, a technical book about entering new markets. I bought it after several inquiries looking to either enter the South African market or diversify into new categories. My conclusion? Developing a route-to-market strategy is a complex exercise that can only be done jointly with the client and prospective channel partners. 


  • The petty, internally obsessed nature of South African politics. We're fighting with each other instead of fighting for a better future.
  • How to stay healthy.