Mentorship for career marketers.

I work with marketers one-on-one to act as a professional soundboard to help them plan their careers. We jointly set objectives for our engagement and then work towards them monthly. A significant part of the value I offer is that of an outsider with diverse industry experience who can listen, ask questions, and help you take disciplined action.

Discreet & deliberate

We work together behind the scenes to help you think through your career as a marketer and explore different perspectives on what's possible. My views are based on the 20 years' worth of knowledge I have accumulated working both in large corporates and as a consultant for myself with insights into diverse sectors and businesses. 

A structured, agile approach

We will start by setting clear objectives for our engagement. I then support you on an ongoing basis using email, phone and online meetings to provide independent, np-holds-bar advice and "a different take" to stimulate your thinking and give you an alternative perspective. We work on a month-to-month basis on a retainer basis. During the month, you have unlimited access to bounce ideas off me and "pick my brain".

Not part of Firejuice

This service falls outside of my work as founder and managing consultant at Firejuice. My focus is specifically on marketing strategy and management, as opposed to the overall business strategy and established companies (instead of startup ventures). 


The first session is a one-hour-long video call and is free to give you a chance to see how I work and whether there is a good connection. Thereafter I charge a fixed fee of $250/month for unlimited access via video call and WhatsApp.

Want to work with me?

If you would like me to be your strategy sherpa, reach out via email to schedule an exploratory video call.

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