Strategy sherpa

Work with me to refine your strategy.

I work with owners of startup companies on a one-on-one basis as a general strategy advisor and soundboard. We jointly set objectives for our engagement and then work towards them on a month to month basis. A significant part of the value I offer is that of an outsider with diverse industry experience who can listen, ask questions, and help you take disciplined action.

Discreet & deliberate

I work with you behind the scenes to discuss strategy and ask questions to refine your thinking. It's a close "no-holds-bar" relationship where brutal honesty and an absolute focus on simplicity are the game's aim. The below consultant framework model by Kiel & Mclendon provides a good summary of the role I play inside the orange square:

Kiel & Mclendon's "Consulting Roles"

A structured, agile approach

We will start by setting clear objectives for our engagement. I then support you on an ongoing basis using email, phone and in-person meetings to work through your strategic challenges. A typical engagement lasts six months; however, we review our progress constantly to ensure ongoing value throughout this time. Through quick feedback loops and constant communication, we ensure rapid progress to reach your objectives.

Not part of Firejuice

This service falls outside of my work as founder and managing consultant at Firejuice. My focus is specifically on marketing strategy and management, as opposed to the overall business strategy, and established companies (instead of startup ventures). 


I charge R10,000 / month (or $1,000 for businesses outside South Africa), invoiced at the start of each month, to be your strategy sherpa.

Want to work with me?

If you would like me to be your strategy sherpa, reach out via email to schedule an exploratory video-call.



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  1. Working with Bernard for 3 and half months during the last quarter of 2020 was my highlight of the year in terms of business practice. Why? Because, for the past 3 years, I have been convincing myself that I cannot do marketing. Bernard gave me the confidence to face that limiting belief about myself and turn it into a concrete marketing strategy. His straight forward, honest, and professional approach is refreshing. Caroline Dale The Thesis Coach (Pty) Limited