Sunday, 21 November 2021

Achieving marketing efficiency

Four ways to make your marketing more efficient and less draining:

Brand efficiency
Instead of marketing each of the products you sell, rather market the overall value proposition of the business. Produce a single marketing campaign to promote the brand instead of the products.

Message efficiency
Instead of communicating many messages or changing them often, rather stick to one message and tell it consistently (and brilliantly) forever. 

Task efficiency
Instead of trying to achieve a long list of different things with your marketing, focus only on one objective - to move people through the purchase funnel. The funnel starts at the one end with building awareness, then generating interest, encouraging trial, and finally concluding the sale. All marketing activities should work together to facilitate this progression. 

Resource efficiency
Instead of doing everything yourself, identify critical jobs to be done and outsource them to professionals. In the case where you indeed decide to do it yourself, keep to a handful of marketing activities - limit it to three - and rely heavily on existing technology tools and platforms to support your efforts and