Your marketing problem, is a management problem

The trick is to have a plan and a process in place—the boring stuff.

  • A plan - What is it that we want to do and by when?
  • A process - How will we do it, and whom?

I say it is the boring stuff because in itself it is not "doing the marketing", yet it is mostly why marketing fails.

Most businesses don't see ROI on marketing because they don't have a plan and a process. In short, they don't manage their marketing. 

To add fuel to the fire, "management" is often not an operational issue, but a culture issue. Things end up not getting done, not because there is no intention to do it, but because there is no organizational discipline to do it.

My work is to help companies of all sizes do better marketing, but I hardly get involved in doing any of the marketing itself. I spend my time fiddling in the background doing the boring stuff: helping you put a plan in place and helping you implement it through a process that almost always involves a change in attitude.

The basics of doing marketing right are straightforward: define your audience, then define your value proposition and then communicate it clearly using a basic set of tools aimed at each stage of the purchase funnel. The hard part is implementing it, and keeping it up, month after month.

Can I help you with your marketing?

Do I do the marketing?

So what do I do?
The boring stuff.

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