For marketing to work, the foundations must be in place

Whether you should do marketing or not, is your choice. It's a bit like whether you decide to build a house from the ground up, or buy something standing - it's your choice.

But when you do decide to do marketing or build a house, you should make sure you do it right, otherwise, it can come crashing down.

I've realised it is not my job to sell you on marketing. You can decide whether you need to do it or not. My job is to make sure that when you choose to do it, you do it right.

Although the effects of marketing can be challenging to measure, or take long to show results, the actual process of doing marketing is not unclear. There are defined steps you need to take to make sure you give yourself the best chance at success.

Most marketing fails because the process of doing it is failing, not because marketing itself isn't working.
You can't do marketing without a target market, without a defined brand position, clear objectives, a budget and a way to keep track of results regularly.

I've stopped telling my clients I will do them a marketing strategy. Instead, I have started to list the specifics that I will put in place to help them do it right. It is a rational, structured process with clear deliverables. Once you have sold yourself on the need for marketing, it is an easy sell to help you do it right.

Marketing might be fluffy, but there is nothing fuzzy about how it should work. The subject is over a hundred years old, and the theory exists. Do a, then b, c...and only then "hope for the best".

Most businesses don't do this and struggle with marketing. No wonder. They don't have the basics in place.

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