Marketing is the bridge to your next sale.

List your marketing activities and draw a line that connects everything to the next sale. This line represents the purchase funnel of your business. It's seldom straight, meaning it may start with someone seeing a post on LinkedIn, then taking a detour to your website before going back to LinkedIn and then emailing you.

This line is the purchase funnel of your business. It is the bridge that connects your company to the customer. It is probably the most critical concept to understand for entrepreneurs.

If you can draw this line that connects your product, marketing comms, business dev and sales to the customer's eyeballs, you are in the money. A pathway to the gold at the end of the rainbow. All you need to do now is make sure your product is available and delivers on its promise. Sweet dreams.

It is a well-accepted analogy that marketing (in its broadest sense) as a bridge that connects your company with prospective customers. This bridge can have many on-roads where prospects can join the journey, but should ultimately only have one ending: by your doorstep.

Think of all the marketing stuff you are doing and the infrastructure around it. That outdated website; dormant Facebook page, old brochure and non-existent brand, and ask yourself: how do these string together to bring me business? If it doesn't, it may be time t either switch it off or start again.

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