Can you smell your next sale?

You want marketing to deliver the leads but are you following the scent?

Let's work backwards:
  • Did you receive enquiries last month? You'd be surprised how many business owners don't know that answer.
  • Assuming you had received a few, do you know how these people managed to find you? Again, many businesses do not have a coordinated funnel to proactively fetch opportunities and feed them into the sales process.
But how do you turn things around to become proactive, instead of reactive? Predictive, in a sense. Can you get it to a point where you know that if you do A, B, C and D you will get around 4 enquiries and convert at least 1 or 2 into a client? Can you start to budget for income, and not just expenses?

Marketing will never be an exact science, but if you do it properly, meaning you do a hand full of things well, and know why you do it and keep track of results, then it should become a tool to influence future income.

Can you start to budget for income, and not just expenses?

Building a full marketing and sales funnel to your business is very different to the sales only approach most companies use. A sales only approach is reactive - you only pick up the phone when it rings and relies heavily on your direct network

Marketing is difficult because it is complicated. It means adding additional tools on top of your sales process to start influencing your future deal flow. You become a player int he market, instead of a begged, or even a victim. 

Can you smell your next sale on the horizon? That's marketing.

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