What marketing activities will you be doing on Monday?

I was at a function last week when the owner of a small business told me he was struggling to make sales.

I hear this often, but what made it different this time was that the business had an existing contract with a big corporate: MTN, the multinational mobile operator. How do you struggle for new business when you already have such a large customer on your side?

Like most entrepreneurs, this one also had a lingering feeling that maybe better marketing could be the answer, but precisely what needed to be done? I decided to try and help with some practical advice:

My first question:
Where do you want to get new business from?
(he needed some time to think - like most entrepreneurs faced with this question)

Other telecoms companies.

Me: do you have a list of such "other telecoms companies"?
Him: no

First recommendation:
Get someone to prepare such a list.
(a good idea, he thought) 

Me: once you have your list, do you know what you are going to tell them?
Him: Not sure...

Second recommendation:
Write down how your business helped MTN make more money (or save money) and communicate this directly to key decisionmakers from your target list.
(again liked the idea)

You see, it's not that I had the answers - I was lucky to add value in a short space of time - but that this is what marketing should be: practical steps to take that tie straight back to a significant sales goal.

Marketing is not some magic wand you wave through your business. It is about doing real stuff that makes a real difference. 

What steps are you taking on Monday to generate sales? 
What marketing will you be doing?

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