Do you need a Marketer in your business?

There is somewhat of a trend globally not to have "Chief Marketing Officers" in large companies but rather other titles, such as Chief Growth Officers (the title at Coca Cola), etc.

You can't help but wonder: do you, as a business owner, even need someone with the title "marketing" in your company?

My answer? Not necessarily.

But you do need marketing, as a business skill, in your company!

No business can survive without marketing. There is no debate about whether marketing fundamentals are still relevant. Being focused on the customer; defining a clear value proposition; having a strong, well-recognised brand and clear messaging. These things are not in dispute.

But do you need someone with the title "marketing" to make these things happen? Not really.

Arguably, the best marketer to have ever lived is Steve Jobs, and his title was never "Chief Marketing Officer". He was the CEO of Apple but understood the essentials of marketing very well and implemented it brilliantly. This talk by Jobs is indeed the best marketing strategy video you'll find on the internet.

Of course, like any field, you get the odd genius to whom the art comes naturally, but for the rest of us, we need to do the reading and the practising to make it work. Not everybody is a Steve Jobs. So, although you may not need a "marketer" in your business, you certainly need someone to engage with marketing as a subject and understand the principles.

Often, the most important marketer inside the company is the Owner or the Chief Executive. They need to know better than anyone how to promote the business and understand customer's needs.

Marketing is more relevant than ever, even if the title may be in doubt.

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