Who is responsible for doing marketing in your business?

It is one thing agreeing to do marketing. It is a whole different thing, actually doing it. Most small/medium sized businesses don't do marketing, because - get this - they don't do marketing. That's right; nothing happens, because no-one is doing it.

I see this all the time. My client agrees to update their website; then nothing happens; post to social media, nothing happens; write a monthly article to establish opinion leadership....nothing.

Marketing requires someone in the business to do something, or someone outside the company must be tasked with doing it. Bottom-line, something needs to happen. "Sales" happen when someone picks up the phone and makes a call to a prospect and goes to visit them. Manufacturing happens when someone flicks a switch to start the machines. Marketing happens when someone writes something, designs it, posts it and promotes it. It doesn't "just happen".

If you believe that marketing is an important component of how you grow your business, then you must ensure someone takes responsibility for it. It becomes their job, and if they don't do it, there should be consequences.

It is easy to claim that marketing is "fluffy", yet so often I see how businesses treat it in a fluffy manner. Marketing is no different from any other business function. It deserves the same treatment.

Who is responsible for doing marketing in your company, and what are their key performance indicators? Are they doing their job?

If you want to do marketing, someone must do it.

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