Roll up your sleeves and fight for the sale

I woke up this morning to the surprising news that Anthony Joshua, big talking super fit and chiselled British boxing superstar, got himself beaten by an overweight, unknown Mexican called Andy Ruiz Jr and decided to change the heading of this blog to "roll up your sleeves and fight!"

You see, as I work with businesses in various stages of development, I can't help but ask the question: "what is your attack plan over the next few months?". I know it sounds aggressive, but instead of using fancy words like "strategy" we should all instead prepare for battle. It's tough out there,
and you need to be on the offensive to survive.

Before you say "yes, but we don't want to be that aggressive, we simply want to make a living... there's room for everyone in our market", let me tell you, your customer does not think like this. They ultimately do something horrible - they choose to either buy from you or someone else. This is where
all the niceties fall away.

There's no love lost when your customer goes shopping, whether in B2B or B2C. They swipe their card just once, and that money either goes to you or someone else. It is why you need an attack plan: not because you are so ambitious or competitive, but because your customer is so bad.

Look at your business today, and make a list of all the uphill battles it is facing and know one thing: behind all of it lies a customer who chooses where to spend their money. In some ways, your customer is your worst enemy - the reason behind all your pain!

But what are you going to do about it? Quit, like Joshua did (I watched a YouTube overview - I'm telling you, that guy quit!)? Are you going to be the kindest business in town while your customer plays hardball? I know who is going to lose - you.

Fight for your customers' money. Force them to consider you as their preferred option. Don't sit and wait for better days. Punch back, punch hard.

There's no mercy in the market, and your customer certainly has none. The customer swipes their card only once. Make sure that money goes to you.

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