Irrigate your sales garden with marketing water

Let's think about your sales situation as a garden. Most businesses have a bone dry garden. There's hardly anything growing, or the little that is, grows too slow. How to improve this situation?

Surprisingly, most entrepreneurs will admit they should sprinkle a dose of marketing water over their sales garden to stimulate growth. But there is a problem...instead of piping the water in, many entrepreneurs dump it in, or drip it in.

By dumping the proverbial marketing water into your sales garden, the marketing is all over the place with lots of spillage and erosion. No one knows what is going where and why. Today it's Facebook, tomorrow Google Ads; then a few events, followed by nothing for months. On the contrary, dripping the water in results in too little activity happening. You spend a couple of bucks here and there hoping to see a change.

With both dumping and dripping, the results are poor. Neither has a measurable effect on sales. You need to pipe the marketing water in to see a difference.

When you water your garden with a hosepipe, you know where the water is coming from, how much you are using, and where you are adding it. The process is controlled and specific. This is the role of "strategy" when it comes to building a marketing plan. It is one thing to say "we need to irrigate" but an entirely different thing to do it in a manner that is deliberate and measured.

Admittedly, you may hose a specific portion of your sales garden and still find nothing happening. At least when this happens, you can use a process of elimination to determine the real problem. You know you have given the plants water, you know how much water you have provided, and yet nothing happens? Is it maybe the soil? Could there be a bug eating the plants? Is the sunlight not enough, or too much.

You shouldn't just do marketing. You should do strategic marketing. Pipe some marketing water over your sales garden to see better growth. Be strategic.

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