Focus on marketing strategy to see sales results

It’s about results. Every function in your business must deliver results. Clear; tangible, measured in numbers, and ultimately, money.

As I work with small-medium sized companies this truth is evident daily. There is no room for wastage. Every function in the business must deliver - results.

But why does Marketing have such a bad reputation with this? Why is so much marketing counted as wastage? It’s because marketing is very easy to do, but very difficult to get right. It’s like running - everyone can run, but only about a hundred and forty people have ever run a hundred meters under 10 seconds.


Everyone can do marketing, but very few see results. Why?

Because marketing has two parts: a doing part, and a strategy part. The doing part is flooded with easy options. You can open a Facebook page for your business in minutes and spend the first hundred bucks instantly. However, the strategy part is hidden, silent and where the real secret lies.

Marketing strategy has two parts. Firstly, you need a brand, meaning an idea or a concept that appeals to customers and is different from competitors. Secondly, you need to understand how customers go about buying products like yours and focus your efforts on influencing this process in your favour.

So, how do you do marketing that delivers results? By taking a step back and not “do marketing” but think through it first. Strategy, then tactics.

It’s not difficult, but very few people do it. Because doing marketing is so easy!

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