Stop selling things people don't want

I've been trying to sell this one service to business owners for a long time where we would help them manage their marketing on a month to month basis. And almost always I would get blank stares.

What exactly will we be doing?

Why can't they do it themselves?

Does it include social media? Logo design?

Some did sign up, but almost like clockwork, after some weeks, started asking uncomfortable questions. They didn't know how to motivate our involvement to a partner; how to use us; where to see the value...

Here's the scary thing: it took me two years to stop trying to push this service and make radical changes to it! Even though I am supposedly the marketing professional I never actually listened to the feedback and instead pushed back.

As business owners, we all have a blind spot: the desperation to make that sale. We are so driven to move ahead that we easily neglect to question ourselves and listen to the customer's voice. Why did that last sale not happen? Why is that client leaving us? Why aren't they happy? What do they truly want? How do they rate us?

We forget to take a step back, instead of forging forwards!

If it can happen to a marketer, it can happen to anyone. Maybe it is time for you to stop selling and start listening?

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